A Pilgrimage to Self: The POWER of Every Day Routine

My latest ebook guides you in finding work/life balance by bringing you the simple daily routines of massively successful people and the simple steps to establish your own winning routines to propel you towards your own goals.

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My Personal Testimony

As I live the philosophy of A House With Four Rooms, I journey on spiritual pilgrimages to connect to my heart's desires, find meaning and purpose, and listen to the "God Whispers."


Lisa McGrath 

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Are YOU at a CROSSROAD in YOUR life?

Starting Over??? Separation, Divorce, Empty Nest or Retirement? Perhaps a Career Change, Move, or Dream is waiting for you. Does self-doubt, sabotage, or false mindset stand in your way? NOT ANY MORE... implement just one of the 50 TIPS a week and TRANSFORM your life.

A Pilgrimage to Self: The POWER of Every Day Routine

You CAN make small, incremental changes to TRANSFORM your life. Learn the essential self-care practices that take your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary...experience the joy in living YOUR best life by implementing Every Day simple routines. Download YOUR copy of my new ebook NOW!



This is a wonderful suggestion from Lolo that will help you move forward on adopting new routines. "I have created a routine to read this eBook over and over for 7 days. Day 1 ticked off."  She goes on by saying, "From this book it affirms to me that 'consistency' is key to living a life guided by best approaches and practices to move me forward. It's not about yesterday, but how tomorrow resonates all the positive vibes to achieve my goals."

The POWER of Every Day Routine

Simple steps to establish your own routines and universal enough to propel you towards your goals in all areas of your life!

You should strive to create daily routines that honor multiple aspects of life – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Finding a work/life balance is essential to moving forward with an Intentional Life. Each and every day make sure you are taking the next best steps on your journey. -- Lisa McGrath

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The Power of Every Day Routine

by Lisa McGrath

The Power of Every Day Routine guides you on making small, incremental changes that have the power to transform your life for work/life balance.