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5 Questions to Assess Your Overall Wellness

wellness Dec 29, 2018

5 Questions To Assess Your Overall Wellness

For complete wellness, the Indian Proverb suggests going into your four rooms daily to "air" them out. This means doing something every single day for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. When it comes to wellness, there's not really any such thing as "normal." For this and for many other reasons, it can be difficult to assess one's own wellness by comparing one's own experiences with how we perceive other's experiences. If someone else seems to be healthier than you, it does not necessarily mean that you are unhealthy.

So how do you assess your own wellness? Ask yourself the following questions to determine your current state of wellness with reference to your own life and obligations.

Please note that "wellness" and "health" are similar, but health is more physical, and wellness is more holistic. As a result, some of the following questions relate to your physical health but others may seem more abstract.

How Do You...

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10 Tips for Spiritual Wellness

spiritual room wellness Dec 21, 2018

10 Tips for Spiritual Wellness 

When it comes to wellness, taking care of your body, mind, and emotions do not encompass all that you are. Tending to your spirit is just as important as the other pieces and can bring you tremendous satisfaction and peace. Your spiritual wellness includes your sense of purpose and meaning in life as well as the guiding principles behind your thoughts and actions.

How can you improve your spiritual wellness? You will need to explore strategies to find ones that work best for you and your needs, but here are my top ten spiritual wellness tips to get you started.

#1. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have in life that brings you joy and peace is a wonderful way to recognize your own values. In my course, Developing a Gratitude Practice, I suggest taking time each day to acknowledge your gratitude by recording your appreciation or blessing in a gratitude journal.  Another great way is to send thank-you notes...

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10 Tips for Your Emotional Wellness

emotional room wellness Dec 20, 2018

Top 10 Emotional Wellness Tips

The Indian Proverb states we should think of ourselves as A House With Four Rooms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms. It advocates for going into each room every single day, not for long periods of time, but going in each day to at least "air" it out.

Most of the tips I'm sharing overlap and apply to more than one room; however, today, my focus is on emotional wellness. Here are the tips that I believe are the most important and provide the most benefit.

  1. Eat A Balanced And Varied Diet

Emotions change based on what’s happening around you, but they also change based on what’s happening within you.

Your emotions are partially dependent on your body chemistry, which has a lot to do with what you eat. This is largely because emotions are partially controlled by hormones and other chemical messengers in the body which are constructed from chemicals that your body takes from the food that you eat. A poor diet can mean poor...

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10 Tips for Wellness in the Mental Room

mental room wellness Dec 19, 2018

10 Tips for Wellness in the Mental Room

I have been following Dr. Daniel Amen for a couple of years and really find his PBS Shows, books, and website to be informative about brain health. As the Indian Proverb A House With Four Rooms suggests, it is important to go into each of your four rooms (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms) each day to at least "air" them out. Many of the activities, strategies, and tips that I'm offering in the blog posts and in the membership actually help you "air" out more than one room at a time.

These tips do just that: they overlap the other rooms and allow you multiple benefits.

  1. Eat a Balanced And Varied Diet

A lot of the tips on this list sound like they belong on a list of tips for physical health. Your mental health, however, is dependent on the health of your brain, which is part of your body. What you put into your body has a strong impact on your mental health.

Chemicals from a great many foods are used directly by your...

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10 Physical Wellness Tips

physical wellness Dec 18, 2018

 10 Physical Wellness Tips

 This is a busy time of year for me with the holidays, family activities, work, and preparing for the next launch of A Pilgrimage to Self for 2019 New Year, New You. 

Because of all this activity, I've been reviewing lots of materials from the membership, sharing a series on wellness and abundance on the blog, and doing research for a couple of future projects. It's a exhilarating time for me, and I'm excited to be sharing with you. I know these tips and strategies have been helpful for me, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to share them.

So, let's take a look at my first 10 physical wellness tips that are fabulous for "airing" out your Physical Room.

  1. Eat a varied and balanced diet

People talk a lot about eating a balanced diet. That means a diet that includes elements from all of the major food groups. That’s a good start, but it’s not quite enough. You also need to have variety within those food groups.


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