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In the Spirit of Abundance

In the Spirit of Abundance

 People hold a wide range of ideas about money, life, and abundance. In previous blogs, I've touched on the concept that money is merely a resource to help you lead an abundant life. This idea is truer than many would like to believe. The constant focus on money and making more of it can actually lead to a mindset of lack. And when you feel that you're lacking, abundance becomes further out of reach.

In order to live an Intentional Life, you must have a relationship with your finances; you must be a good steward of your money. Instead of seeing money as the goal, I think it's important to shake up your views on the subject if you want to gain a healthy relationship with your finances. Let me show you what I mean.

 Money is a Tool

 I introduced this idea before, and it's an important one to remember. Money truly is nothing more than a tool or a resource. Yes, it's something we all need in order to survive, and there are fixed expenses to...

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