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tour website May 10, 2018

A Tour

A House With Four Rooms is a multifaceted community. We have this website that introduces the Indian Proverb and the philosophy of "airing" out your four rooms on a daily basis for a complete life...for a healthy well-being. There are a number of categories that house different information: the blog, the membership, and the Library.

A House With Four Rooms is where you will find the explanation about the Indian Proverb and how A House With Four Rooms is the foundation to building an intentional life. This philosophy has transformed my ordinary life into an extraordinary life.

Just a thought... is about the blogs. Topics for blogs are random, and many contain content about different strategies that can be used for "airing" out your four rooms. The blog is where I share personal stories and connections to creating an intentional life. At this time, a headline and summary introduces the blog topic. To read the blog, simply click the Continue Reading link.

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