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Stop Letting Stress Impact Your Life

stress free Nov 18, 2018

Stop Letting Stress Impact Your Life

We all face stressful situations in our everyday lives, and we know the dangers to our overall health and the impact stress can have on our wellbeing. We also know that stress is a normal part of everyday life. Some levels of stress are even healthy and can contribute to keeping us alert and functioning at our best. Many of us, however, have difficulty managing our stress.

Some stress disorders are hereditary and can be caused by imbalances of the chemicals that help the mind and body communicate. Many stress disorders are caused because what the body considers a threat and what the mind considers a threat isn't the same thing.

For those of us who have survived accidents, combat, or other extreme and real dangers stress disorders can come from having a hard time adapting to life outside of high levels of stress.

Whatever the cause of your stress, whether it be a personal concern or a diagnosed disorder, stress shouldn't control your life and...

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