Kaizen in the Workforce

kaizen self-development Jun 01, 2019

How to Encourage Kaizen in the Workforce

Kaizen is 'continuous improvement' and is a popular subject among businesses and managers. Kaizen basically means that the best way to affect big change in an organization is to encourage lots of small, incremental changes that can improve workflow, profit margins and everything else. By continually improving in small ways, you can create change throughout your whole business that will result in much more efficient and effective operations.

But kaizen works best when it is applied at the individual level. In other words, if you can help your staff to work better on their own and to improve the way they approach problems and their regular workload, then you can make your entire organization more effective. A chain is as strong as its weakest link and a business is really the sum of its employees.

If you try to come from above as management and enforce continuous improvement, then chances are that it won't go well. Your staff might be resistant...

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