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Ordinary Routines Can Become Extraordinary Rituals

rituals routines May 23, 2018


     The alarm clock is blaring and I awaken to another day. The muscles of my neck begin to relax as I move my head from side to side; my shoulders feel frozen as I force my arms to reach...stretching and yawning at the same time. I whisper my daily prayer and recite, “Amen.” Reaching for my glasses, I open my book to the day’s reading.

     I have long admired creative and professional people that accomplish wonderful things, some things that seemed impossible to my eyes. I learned early on to make an effort to learn about different people and their habits... I wanted to know how they operated their lives and achieved their they made things happen and what I could learn from them. In learning about others that have done what I’d like to do or those that inspire me to set goals and dream, they have become my mentors.

      It’s important to have mentors in your life. Some people are lucky...

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