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Establishing Rituals Using Kaizen

finances kaizen ritual May 27, 2019

 How Tiny Savings Really Add Up

Want to be much richer than you are right now? Then start putting $1 a day away into a savings account. You can even set up a standing order and that way you'll never forget to do it.

This is a very small amount of money and a small commitment so in terms of your income you're hardly going to notice it. But it's more than worthwhile, which is why you should probably sign in to your online banking and set up that standing order right now. Read on if you need more convincing.

It All Adds Up

$1 doesn't sound like very much does it? Well, it's not: but if you make a habit of doing this right now, then by the end of the year you'll have saved yourself $365 which is not a small amount of money. That's enough money to buy a new computer, a weekend away with your partner or a very luxurious meal.

In two years you'll have $730. Which is definitely a lot. And in ten years you'll have a huge $3,650 which is now enough to go on actually quite a big holiday.

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