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Using Kaizen in Your Dating Life

 The Small Details That Might be Ruining Your Dates

When it comes to being successful on dates, the devil is very much in the details.

If you've had a string of unsuccessful dates, then there's a very good chance that this will have damaged your self-esteem and perhaps even your faith in dating at all. You might be wondering what the point in dating is or whether you'll ever find someone.

But instead of going 'macro' and focusing on big overarching concepts like your appearance or the nature of dating, instead, consider looking at the small factors. This is the idea of kaizen and it suggests that making small continuous improvements can often add up to the very best results in the long term.

Maybe by just making several small tweaks, you could have more success?

Why Small Details Matter

When you meet someone new, you quickly form an opinion in a matter of minutes. This is something that we know to be true: first impressions count and if you get off on the wrong foot it can...

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Relationship Niggles

 How Small Things Can Really Build Up in Relationships

Do you leave the toilet lid open all the time? Are you constantly putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge? Do you just drop your dirty laundry on the floor? What irks you?

This is the sort of thing that most of us tend to think of as being no big deal. In fact, many of us even find it amusing as one of those age-old arguments that couples have. It's practically inevitable, it's no big deal… it's funny.

Except if you value your relationship and if you want it to work as well as it possibly can then it actually isn't funny at all. In fact, these small niggles can add up to become something very serious in even the most stable relationship. And it's all to do with kaizen.

The Build Up

Kaizen teaches us how making small little changes can make a huge impact on us in the long term. Often this is used to demonstrate how saving a small amount of money can add up to a great trust fund, or how a slowly loading laptop...

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Relationship Connection To-Do List

kaizen relationships May 23, 2019


These Very Small Changes to Your Relationship Will Help You to be Much Happier

What's the secret to a good relationship? In reality, there isn't one. Instead, there are countless things that contribute to a relationship being successful or not and in order to be happy you need to make sure that you have everything going for you and on your side.

That said though, one thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to relationships is the importance of the small details.

Think about the last time you felt awash with love for your partner. In all likelihood it will have been something very small that triggered it. Maybe they sent you a loving text. Maybe they brought you a cup of tea when you were feeling down. Or maybe they said something nice about you in front of your mutual friends.

These small gestures can often add up to be the difference between a happy relationship and one that is struggling. This is the basic principle of 'kaizen' and when you apply it to relationships...

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How to Change the Dynamic in Your Relationship With Small Changes

kaizen relationships May 21, 2019


How to Change the Dynamic in Your Relationship With Small Changes

If you're starting a new relationship, then something very important to keep in mind is that the dynamic and the habits you form right now will be the ones that will be expected in the future.  We teach people how to treat us and what our boundaries are for our relationships.

If you meet your partner at work in the mornings to deliver coffee,  you might come to be expected to do it always. 

With no malice involved, people are unfortunately creatures of habit and we quickly form patterns that are difficult for us to get out of. This applies equally to relationships and if you have already fallen into 'roles' then you'll find it's very hard to get out of them. What do you do? You use Kaizen.

How to Change Your Role in the Relationship

Kaizen is basically the process of making small and regularly changes in order to have a large net effect. So say you were tired of being the one to...

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How to Build a Relationship With Kaizen

kaizen relationships May 20, 2019


How to Build a Relationship With Kaizen

Let's take a minute to talk about relationships...kaizen can be used in all relationships, including the one with yourself; however, what about a romantic might you apply kaizen to building a romantic relationship?

Well, are you stuck in the friend zone?

Or worse, are you stuck in a position where the person you are in love with doesn't even know who you are? Maybe love is too strong a word, but you get the idea. Is there someone you're interested in, but they don't know you?

Transitioning from one type of a relationship to another – or from no type of relationship – can often be a very daunting prospect and also very difficult. How do you make yourself known to someone who doesn't know you? And how do you get them to think of you romantically when they haven't before?

Can you just walk up to a stranger and ask them out? Sure you can, but it's not necessarily the best way to set the odds up in...

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