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Spiritual Room


The Spiritual Room

My Spiritual Room includes my rituals of praying and meditation, and I participate in spiritual development as a member of my church. I also believe in random acts of kindness and try to use these acts as a way of spiritual practice. I delight in the wonders of nature: the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and scenes of life, so I enjoy attending what I fondly call “The Church of the Great Blue Dome” when I can. I like to walk while I meditate or pray; I like to count my blessings and practice gratitude. In my last post I spoke about different journaling practices. Over the years, I’ve kept a gratitude journal. This journal is dedicated to writing down the blessings of the day. It is my intention to write down five things each day that I am grateful for; from my experience, there have been many days that I can write down much more than the prerequisite five; however, there have been other days that I have to go back and read over prior lists to...

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