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Tweaking Your Lifestyle to Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals

Tweaking Your Lifestyle to Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals

As we saw in yesterday's post, there are some ways to set smarter and more achievable health and fitness goals for yourself. Strong goal setting is the foundation of changing your lifestyle for the better and making those changes last. Another way to make your new habits stick is to ease your way into them. Making small adjustments following the Kaizen strategy to your current lifestyle is the best way to get used to your new lifestyle choices.

Follow these tips for tweaking your lifestyle to reach your health and wellness goals.

Just Move Every Day

This first tip is especially relevant if you currently live a sedentary lifestyle. You can ease your way into exercise by simply committing to some movement each and every day. Rather than trying to take on an extensive gym routine that can be overwhelming, why not consider smaller steps that are more initially achievable such as taking your dog for a walk or parking far...

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Set Health & Fitness Goals for Yourself

Set Health & Fitness Goals for Yourself

In yesterday's blog post, I shared with you the importance of staying healthy and how it can aid in your quality of life. I've begun working with a health coach to help me attain my personal health goals of continuing my physical therapy for a broken ankle and breathing exercises for my lung health.

The connection between health and happiness is strong. Therefore, I'd like to continue on that topic today and teach you to set attainable fitness goals that will motivate and sustain you.

Follow these health and fitness goals tips to increase your chances of success.

Personalize Your Goals

Health and fitness goals should be personalized to your specific needs, interests, preferences, and lifestyle. If you try to add foods or exercises that don't appeal to you, you're setting yourself up for failure. Instead, choose activities and meal choices that are more up your alley. Sure, it's still going to take hard work and dedication. But at...

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Why "Small Changes" Sometimes Fail

kaizen physical room May 19, 2019


Why 'Small Health Changes' Sometimes Fail

In this series of blogs, I've been sharing the process of Kaizen: the use of small and continuous change over a long period of time with the aim being to help us make larger and more impactful changes in the long-term. My 800 km journey on the Camino de Santiago started with the first step in St. Jean Pied de Port, France. Even the longest journey starts with a single step and if you can break down any big challenge into lots of smaller, more manageable chunks, then you will find that even the most unnerving challenge becomes much more doable.

This concept has caught on with the health-and-fitness industry and the self-improvement crowd in a big way. Now we are constantly being encouraged to make small changes in the pursuit of bigger overall health improvement. Do a few press ups here and there and you can develop the habit of exercising. Likewise, flossing just one tooth is better than flossing none at all and will help...

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Turning Your Everyday Activities into Useful Workouts

physical room May 17, 2019

Turning Your Everyday Activities Into Useful Workouts

I'm all about having success...even celebrating the tiny wins, and I learned this from one of my mentors. I believe in having coaches and mentors in my life to help me accelerate my progress and help me ultimately attain my goals... I have a health coach, life coach, and business coach, as well as several mentors. These are people that I pay to gain their expertise and hold me accountable.

A few nights ago, I spoke with my health coach to check in on my wellness plan. I shared my philosophy about A House With Four Rooms and kaizen, and we decided a good place to begin is to track my water intake...again, not changing anything except being more aware of just how much I'm drinking...or not's important to stay hydrated.

A popular approach to getting into shape these days is to make tiny challenges and commitments you can stick to that will allow you to work towards a goal without having to make any single, huge change...

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Let's Get Physical...and Healthier

physical room May 14, 2019

Small Purchases That Will Easily Make You Healthier

The secret to affecting effective change is to break your goals down into small manageable chunks. This way they become much more manageable and your chances of sticking at any given one increase hugely. At the same time though, by having more small goals instead of one big one, you will still find that over time they add up and the results are just as impressive (if not more so).

This is often referred to as kaizen in the self-development community and it's a very strategic and effective way to make goals actually happen.

But there are other similar strategies you can use too if you're looking for an effective way to train yourself and develop yourself. For instance, if you want to improve your health, then sometimes just making small simple purchases can make all the difference. Sometimes small purchases can make life so much easier and help you to feel so much better that they do nothing short of making life better. Read on and...

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Kaizen for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

kaizen physical room May 10, 2019

Here Are Some Great Little Changes to Make You Instantly Feel Healthier and More Energetic

What does optimal performance feel like? How do you feel when you're performing at your best'?

For many of us the answer would be a combination of energy, focus and good mood. If you're interested in being healthier then you should focus on these things because not only will you feel healthier immediately, but you'll also then have more energy and drive to stick to whatever other health programs or objectives you're setting yourself.

To achieve these kinds of small improvements, the best strategy to take is to focus on making small, cumulative changes that will build up over time. By gradually improving yourself with smaller goals you will find each change is easier to make and that you experience less resistance. These small changes then add up and provide you with more large scale success.

So what are some little changes you can make to start enjoying more energy, drive and health right now?...

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When You Have A Purpose, You’re Taking Action And Aren’t Afraid Of Failure

physical room Mar 17, 2019


When You Have A Purpose, You’re Taking Action And Aren’t Afraid Of Failure

 Something remarkable happens when you start to think about, and then live your life more purposefully. You start taking action. You start doing things instead of second guessing yourself and procrastinating. You get off the couch and get going on the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Taking action becomes so much easier when you have a clear purpose. You have a goal in mind and you know exactly what the next step is that you need to take. Even more importantly, you are highly motivated to get it done.

Let’s look at weight loss as an example. You can try to lose some weight and get into shape for months and even years with little success. Sure, you eat a little better and you go for a walk every now and then, but because you don’t have an actual purpose, you don’t get far. You also occasionally give in to the urge to snack, get a second helping, or indulge in a...

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