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The Emotional Room

emotions joy peace stressfree May 09, 2018

Today I’m addressing the Emotional Room. As for my Emotional Room, I think, like many people, I’ve tried to avoid it on most occasions to avoid disappointments, hard feelings, and general sadness and melancholy. I believe most of us try to deal and cope to the best of our abilities, while others have a more difficult time and seem to get “locked” out of this room without the strength of going in to open a window to “air” it out. I’ve learned if I focus on the moments, and I go in to “air” out the Emotional Room, my life seems easier. I have taught myself some coping strategies that work for me: journaling helps sift through thoughts and reminds me of my blessings, remembering “what other people think of me is none of my business”  lets me be me, and knowing that I cannot control others but I can choose how I respond helps me make decisions.

Sometimes it is difficult to deny the personal hardships and forget the...

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