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Extraordinary Moments

extraordinary moments May 10, 2018

Extraordinary Moments

There have been many times that I have faced crossroads in life, and I struggled to make decisions for my highest and best good. I often put the needs of others before my own or I was paralyzed by fear. Even though I haven’t always followed it, I’m fortunate I have a divine inner compass. I believe we all have an inner compass, but we all don’t have immediate access to it if we haven’t honed the practice of using it. I also believe in the importance and practice of listening to the “God whispers” or the Universe and living in gratitude.

There are many ways to hone the practice of “listening” for guidance, and one way that I’ve used for years is walking. I feel energized and renewed by nature, especially when I’m near water, but I also love hiking paths surrounded by trees, rivers, and the chance encounter with animals. The natural environment inspires me, and I can remember several times in my life...

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