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Some Will, Some Won’t - So What!

a pilgrimage to self love Aug 21, 2019

 Some Will, Some Won’t - So What!

In a class given to would-be speakers, the focus was on stage fright and how it feels to be at the front of the room with so many eyes watching. Public speaking remains one of the top fears that men and women have. Even though I have been in front of audiences of different sizes, it is still uncomfortable for me; I'm stepping outside my comfort zone when I push the "go" button for a Facebook Live, but I do it. The thought of being laughed at, judged, ridiculed, or humiliated is unfathomable for most of us.

 During this class, the teacher shared with the class of speakers that no matter what they do to matter how much attention they pay to matter how many hours they matter how polished their speeches, how great looking their clothes, or charismatic their presence, ten percent of the audience will not like them. Ten percent.  

10 people out of 100

100 people out of 1,000

1,000 people out of...

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