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The Mental/Intellectual Room

Following the philosophy of the Indian Proverb, A House With Four Rooms, I do something daily for my Physical, Mental,  Emotional, and Spiritual well-being.

My Mental/Intellectual Room is a room I spend a great deal of time; I tend to “overthink” everything. It is my habit to read each morning for approximately an hour. I read several different types of materials, and I do my best reading in the morning. My ritual is to have coffee and read. This habit started many years ago when I made a New Year’s resolution to read a book a week. I wanted to make sure I was investigating new ideas; it was my desire to learn about many things, and I found I could do this by reading something every day. I often read newspapers and articles online; I tend to have a novel or memoir by my chair, and I have a stack of magazines and daily devotions that I “visit” each day. I never really thought of myself as being curious, but I do have a thirst to know things. I think...

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A House With Four Rooms

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