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Use a Journal to Stay in Touch with What You Really Want in Life

gratitude journaling Jul 07, 2019

Use a Journal to Stay in Touch with What You Really Want in Life

Many people swear by journaling, and I'm one of them. Some even consider it to be life-changing. That's because this powerful tool has the potential to provide a wealth of benefits. By getting thoughts out of your mind and onto paper, you clear space so that you can focus your energies on important tasks. You're able to work through problems and see patterns that can lead to important insights.

Journaling lets you see the bigger picture and gain a new perspective. This is especially helpful when you're feeling stuck. A journal can provide clarity and help organize your thoughts. I remember hearing someone say something like "I don't know what I think until I hear what I have to say."

Take a look at some ways you can use a journal to stay in touch with what you really want in life. Choose the techniques that work best for you.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing involves writing down whatever comes to mind. It's best to...

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