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Holiday Musings

2017 Holiday Musings

Often the details of holiday celebrations create overwhelm in our lives. It’s not just the issues of time management and getting it all done, but it is coping with memories and emotional stuff that the season conjures up for many of us. For example, finding time for the physical room can be particularly difficult when it’s so easy to grab a couple of cookies or slathering on an extra scoop of ice cream or whipped cream on a piece of pie. The irony for me is that I’m writing this after Christmas and before any New Year celebrations with all of the ideas that are still swirling around my head like the dirt cloud that hovers over Charles Shultz’s character Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoon.

These ideas are written down on a list; I’m a lists person. I’ve always used lists to give me a sort of outline and direction for my day. My lists before the hectic holiday season included grocery lists, gift lists for my immediate family, and...

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