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What's Causing Your Unhappiness?

happiness Dec 22, 2018

Identifying The Causes Of Your Unhappiness

I learned of the Indian Proverb, A House With Four Rooms, while reading a book by Rumor Godden. It struck me that even though I thought of myself as being pretty happy at the time I discovered it, I wasn't spending enough time in each of my four rooms (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms), and I needed to make some changes, including healing the pain of my childhood.

We tend to develop certain habits in life due to many factors like experiences (good or bad), interactions with others, lifestyle etc.
Well, these habits can really affect us to the point where we develop genuine unhappiness. Now, you might be thinking that not all negative habits result in unhappiness. However, I am talking long-term unhappiness which absolutely results from bad thinking habits.

We tend to let negative experiences affect us and we hold onto our feelings and cannot seem to let them go. As we continue to relive the memory, we continue to feel...

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4 Key Steps To Living A Happy Life

happiness Dec 16, 2018

4 Key Steps To Living A Happy Life

We all want to live our happiest and best life, but many of us have no clue how to do that. Because I'm preparing for the 2019 New Year, New You program with A Pilgrimage to Self, I scoured the internet, asked many professionals and experts the steps they recommend to ensure we’re living a full, rich, and happy life. I narrowed things down to some basics to get us prepared to go into the new year.

Without further ado, here are the four key steps you can take to ensure you’re living a happy life.

1) Care for Others
One of the most rewarding things you can do in your lifetime is caring for others and showing them that they matter. It isn't a difficult task to show others that you care, and caring about other people is essential to your overall happiness. Helping others and giving to others can build stronger connections, improve your overall mood, and even improve your health.

You can start practicing caring for others by doing...

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