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Make It a Habit to Meet with Likeminded People

habit intentional life Oct 23, 2019

 Make It a Habit to Meet with Likeminded People

 In our busy and fast-paced lives, it can become difficult to connect with people on a regular basis; however, humans are social creatures, and we need that type of contact to thrive. You probably have an inner circle of friends, family, and co-workers you see on a regular basis. Do you consider them to be likeminded? That is, are they people whose values, priorities, and interests are similar to your own?

Sometimes the people closest to us may not share our core tenets. That can be fine, as there’s a great deal to say about surrounding yourself with diverse perspectives. There are definite advantages to maintaining close relationships with likeminded people, though, and it’s important to have such a community in your life. Take a look at why you should make it a habit to meet with likeminded people more often.

Power of Likeminded People

The people you spend the most time with can truly influence your thinking,...

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Get in the Habit of Looking for Those Side Hustles

habit intentional life Oct 15, 2019

Get in the Habit of Looking for Those Side Hustles

 There’s no better time than now to think about making a little money on the side. Today’s gig economy is flourishing. Technology like the internet, smartphones, and apps make it possible to work anytime and anywhere. Even if you have a full-time job, finding ways to make extra money is possible. Here are some ways you can find time to sneak in a side hustle here and there:

Take Advantage of Every Moment

No matter what your side gig is, there are bound to be small tasks you can do in short increments of time. Perhaps you can take on tasks like planning blog posts or drafting correspondence during your morning subway commute. Use your lunch hour to make some much-needed phone calls or knock out a quick freelance job on a site like Fiverr. Pick up some driving gigs on the weekend for Uber. Always try to squeeze in a little work in those spare minutes.

Schedule It In

If you’ve got a full schedule, finding the...

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