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Does Your Personal Style Truly Reflect Who You Are?

fresh start Feb 05, 2019

Does Your Personal Style Truly Reflect Who You Are?

 Do you have a personal style? Do the terms Boho, Preppy, Edgy, or Chic mean anything to you? If I looked in your closet or around your home, would I get a clear idea of your style? Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking. Style is your outward expression of your inner self. From wearing leopard prints to having a signature haircut, style indicates who you are, what you love, and your self-confidence.

 There are three factors that get in the way of personal style:

  • Insecurity
  • Income
  • Influences

 Insecurity- This kills style before it has a chance to come out. Insecurity looks to others for validation which usually leads to following someone else like sheep. Insecurity holds people back when someone makes an off comment or doesn’t embrace what they love. Insecurity lacks the inner worth that it takes to love what you love - no matter what anyone else thinks.

 Income- Income can be a barrier to...

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A Fresh Start - When is it Time to Think about Reinvention?

challenge fresh start Feb 02, 2019


A Fresh Start - When is it Time to Think about Reinvention?

 In 1991, Reba McEntire released the hit song Is There Life Out There? This song became an anthem for women all over the world who didn’t want to leave the life they had - married, children, and all that comes with it - but they wanted to know if there truly was something outside of their family and their home.

Her lyrics go like this:

She married when she was twenty

She thought she was ready

Now she's not so sure

She thought she'd done some living

But now she's just wonderin'

What she's living for

Now she's feeling that there's something more

Is there life out there?

So much she hasn't done

Is there life beyond?

Her family and her home

She's done what she should

Should she do what she dares?

She doesn't want to leave

She's just wonderin’

Is there life out there?

 Can you relate to this?

If you are experiencing the pangs of what might have been or longing for something you know will make your...

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fresh start Feb 01, 2019


Welcome! What is a Fresh Start, and Why Do You Need One?

 I am so thrilled you are here to find a fresh start! No matter what your age, your career, or your stage in life… a fresh start may be the only thing standing between you and a brand new life. Finding a new way to do an old thing - or leaving something that is no longer working - is a wonderful way to begin again.

 What is a fresh start?

 A fresh start is a do-over or a starting of something new. For whatever reason, sometimes people lose their way. They forget their dreams, or they let them go for a number of reasons. At some point, life opens up opportunities to begin again. To reimagine itself and regenerate. Life wants to be lived to its fullest potential, and it will nudge you again and again until you are reminded of who you’ve always wanted to be and what you’ve always wanted to do.

A fresh start is a clearing of the mind, body, and/or soul, making way for new things.


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