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Figure Out What You Really Want with a Brain Dump

Figure Out What You Really Want with a Brain Dump

There are so many times that I must consult my to-do list because my time has been booked solid. I have to intentionally block out time for play...this is essential to self-care and learning to appreciate every moment.

Life gets overwhelmingly busy sometimes. You've got so much on your mind that it can seem impossible to sort it all out. Focusing on ways to live your best life certainly seem out of the question when you're just trying to get through each day. There's an exercise I like to do to help sort things out and to give me a fresh, renewed perspective. It's called a brain dump, and it's a super easy way to get all the stuff that's floating around in your mind out into an organized format you can more easily process. Take a look at what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

What's a Brain Dump?
A brain dump is actually a very simple activity that offers tremendous results. It involves writing down all the things that are...

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10 Tips for Your Emotional Wellness

emotional room wellness Dec 20, 2018

Top 10 Emotional Wellness Tips

The Indian Proverb states we should think of ourselves as A House With Four Rooms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms. It advocates for going into each room every single day, not for long periods of time, but going in each day to at least "air" it out.

Most of the tips I'm sharing overlap and apply to more than one room; however, today, my focus is on emotional wellness. Here are the tips that I believe are the most important and provide the most benefit.

  1. Eat A Balanced And Varied Diet

Emotions change based on what’s happening around you, but they also change based on what’s happening within you.

Your emotions are partially dependent on your body chemistry, which has a lot to do with what you eat. This is largely because emotions are partially controlled by hormones and other chemical messengers in the body which are constructed from chemicals that your body takes from the food that you eat. A poor diet can mean poor...

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