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What Ambitions Do You Have?

ambition goals intention Jan 16, 2019

 What Ambitions Do You Have?

Everyone has some kind of ambition regardless of age; kids demonstrate this when they are small by dreaming of becoming a dentist or doctor. As you age you still have ambitions but the question is whether you are any closer to actually achieving them or not. What steps are you taking?

Having dreams and desires is fine, but why not go a step further and make your dreams a reality? This is exactly what ambitious people do. They go after the very thing that they want and they don’t allow anything to get in their way. If you have trouble stepping out of your ordinary and working toward your dreams, find an accountability partner or group.

In my coaching membership, A Pilgrimage to Self, we follow the philosophy of the Indian Proverb: A House With Four Rooms. We take steps...actions...daily to "air" out our four rooms: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rooms. We also discover our passions, design a focus goal, and develop a plan of...

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