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Trust Your Gut to Make the Right Decision

Nov 08, 2019

Trust Your Gut to Make the Right Decision

 A lot of times we know the best decision right out of the gate. Research, time, and wise counsel help solidify that decision and ultimately, we knew we were right all along. Trusting your gut can help you make the right decisions.

 Is trusting your gut impulsive?

 Not at all. Your gut is like a GPS connected to your values and morals. Your gut knows what you should be doing and is a teeny, tiny radar alerting you to what is right and what is wrong.

 Is trusting your gut self-serving?

 Yes, in the best of ways! Your gut isn’t there to fool you into shenanigans. If anything, your gut is like the wiser older sibling who warns you about impending danger or encourages you to believe in yourself or an idea. In this case, self-serving is in service rather than arrogance.

 Can trusting your gut cause poor decisions?

 Of course. No one is immune from making a poor choice here and there. Mistakes are going to happen. That’s how we learn! Going through a mistake helps you - and your gut - learn and grow and your gut won’t forget the lessons. It actually helps you be able to trust your gut more in the future.

 What does trusting your gut feel like?

 Your gut is literally that inner space inside your body that leaps with joy or gets queasy when you are mulling things over. Your gut is the inner spot that has a visceral reaction to a problem and indicates what solutions might be the answer. Your gut connects with your mind and the goal is to seek harmony between the two.

 How can I connect better to my gut?

 Get quiet. Your gut is going to get your attention one way or another. Perhaps you feel a “knowing” when you need to make an important decision, or you are awakened at night with a profound and intense sense of what you should do. Getting quiet and allowing your gut to be heard is far better than walking in chaos, wondering why you feel strange. 

 Your gut is designed to be a part of the decision-making process. There is a higher intelligence and a wisdom that comes from trusting your gut. Tapping into it is similar to seeking wise counsel. Your gut represents a collective of all the wisdom you have and the subconscious knowledge you may not be applying. Trust your gut to be a part of your process and it won’t let you down.  

 If you have a decision to make today, find a quiet place and listen to your gut.

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