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Stop Saying No – Be Open to New Opportunities

Sep 10, 2019

Stop Saying No – Be Open to New Opportunities

 In yesterday’s post, I shared with you some reasons to stop waiting for the perfect time to do new things. Placing barriers on yourself such as giving into fear and self-doubt can lead to a lot of negative consequences. You just don't need that. Today, I want to focus on the chances you don’t take. I’ll show you how to go from a no mindset to a yes outlook, as well as the benefits that come from doing so. So, stop saying no and be open to new opportunities with these tips.

You’ll Gain Confidence

We’re often inclined to say no to invitations or opportunities because we’re afraid. Pushing past this fear helps you to gain confidence. Each time you put yourself out there and say yes, you’re exposing yourself to new experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have had. Soon, it will become easier to say yes.

You’ll Have Better Relationships

Saying yes usually puts you into situations with more or different people. For example, you’ll spend more time with your friends when you say yes to their invitations. You’ll network more when you give extra-curriculars a shot. With each new person you encounter, you’re growing your contacts and learning to interact with individuals and groups of various backgrounds. Your people skills will definitely get a boost.

It Could Change Your Life

Think of the times you’ve had the most fun or gained an experience that has greatly enhanced your life. What is you had said no to that opportunity? Can you imagine how different things would be right now? You never know what could happen when you say yes. You could meet your next best friend or find your new line of work. Maybe you’ll discover a hobby that will become a lifetime interest. You never know if you don’t say yes.

You’ll Walk Away with a Good Story

Even if you end up having a bad experience or it’s not all you’d hoped, at the very least you could walk away with a good story to tell. I know I love a good story...and I especially love sharing a good story.

When you participate, you will have exposed yourself to something that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred in your life. Sometimes these encounters end up being turning points in our lives, even if not necessarily for the better. You’ll have learned a lesson and can share the tale with the important people in your life.

Try saying yes the next time an opportunity comes your way. Push past your instincts to say no and just see what happens when you go for it. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did.

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