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She’s Not Bossy, She’s the Boss

Nov 06, 2019

She’s Not Bossy, She’s the Boss

 Disney is the host of a children’s show called Doc McStuffins. Doc is a young girl who can magically talk to toys and help them feel better when they get hurt or sick. She’s a toy doctor with a mom who is a physician and a stay-at-home dad. One of the best things about the Doc McStuffins show is the way they tackle modern day issues with flare.

 One episode highlights the gender-based notion that a female is bossy when she is decisive. That boys are being the boss when they are decisive, but the girls are being “bossy,” which is considered a negative personality trait.

 In the episode, Queen Amina’s castle is knocked down and in complete shambles. Everyone agrees that the castle must be put back together again, but no one can agree on how and pandemonium ensues. Finally, Queen Amina begins to take the lead and begins to formulate a plan to get the castle pieces sorted and back together. She assigns tasks to the toys who start to call her bossy for telling them what to do.

 Enter Doc McStuffins

 Doc sees how Queen Amina’s decisiveness is stopping the chaos and creating a solid plan to restore the order and the castle to its glory. Doc McStuffins encourages Queen Amina to keep being the boss and points out to the other toys that she isn’t being bossy because she has a plan that is well thought out and has a solid outcome.

 She’s not bossy, she’s the boss! *Insert Disney tune here*

 Sadly, there are times when decisive girls are called bossy. This is part of the conditioning that happens in childhood. It mixes with personality and can have an impact on how girls make decisions later on. Being decisive and a leader isn’t being bossy, it’s a good thing!

 Anyone can be a great leader and being confident in your decisions and plans isn’t a negative thing. Be encouraged by your decisiveness and be encouraging when you see someone - especially little girls - being decisive and having a solid plan. Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Being a role model is important, and after years of indecision, it was important to me to put together a program that helps other women discover, design, and develop action steps that lead to an Intentional Life.

A Pilgrimage to Self  Lifestyle Coaching Membership allows you to be the boss of your life by teaching you how to be self-aware, reflective, purposeful, and intentional. The membership will be opening at the end of December for the New Year, New You program, and you’ll be invited to make the decision to join and walk the PATHS to your Intentional Life. 

Will you be ready to make the decision?

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