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Seeking Win-Win Solutions When Making a Decision

Nov 04, 2019

 Seeking Win-Win Solutions When Making a Decision

 Making decisions usually affects more than just yourself. Families are a unit and even single people live in a form of community in some way, whether through extended family or work-related relationships. Many decisions make an impact on others and not considering that impact can be foolish.

 Seeking win-win solutions is an important skillset in your decision-making tool kit. Finding ways to make decisions that account for more than one impact is a good idea.

 When making decisions, consider these dos and don’ts.

 Do: Give yourself ample time to think things through so you don’t unintentionally hurt someone else. Making decisions too fast can result in collateral damage you hadn’t considered. Give yourself time to do your homework and make sure your decision has the smallest impact on others as possible.

 Do: Ask for guidance. A lot of tough decisions can have a softer impact if key people are involved. Asking for guidance from those in your inner circle can help them adjust to anything that might affect them within your decision. If you allow others to weigh in with their worries, fears, or cheer you on with their encouragement, everyone is invested in the decision.

 Do: Make accommodations for other people’s needs. Sometimes your decision may require an accommodation or gesture on your part. You may have to do something or make a concession for others to live with the decision you are making. 

Don’t: Be selfish when it isn’t necessary. There are times when you must put your needs first, but that’s not all the time. You’ll rarely need to act in a selfish manner in order to make a decision. Usually there is a way for everyone to have most of what they want when making a decision. Be sure that you aren’t being selfish and alienating others or abusing them with your choices. 

 Don’t: Forget to think down the line. Impulsive decision-making can lead to regret. Always try to think down the line when making win-win decisions. A sacrifice now can mean a gain later and an immediate gain can result in an ultimate loss later. Know the difference to ensure the best decision today.

 Don’t: Forget to invest in others. You aren’t in the world alone. Considering others when making your decisions helps everyone win. Invest in others by including them in your decisions by making high-quality decisions that improve their lives as much as your own.

 You aren’t making decisions in a vacuum that only affect yourself. Your decisions include others and impact those you love and work with.

Make sure to focus on win-win solutions when making your decisions and watch your relationships flourish.

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