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Fatal or Famous: Truths and Lies About Making Decisions

Nov 03, 2019

 Fatal or Famous: Truths and Lies About Making Decisions

 One of the reasons people avoid making decisions - or, at the very least, find it hard to make decisions - is the fear that a poor decision will have lasting negative results. It’s healthy to have a low-lying fear that a hasty decision can lead to a bad outcome. That should help people think things through, do their homework, and consider the costs before making their choices.

The problem lies when people avoid making a decision and take no action at all.

 There are some truths and lies about making decisions that should be considered whether the outcomes are good or bad. Check them out: 

Lie: A poor decision can be fatal to your career, relationships, or finances 

Truth: You are not defined by your worst mistake or your greatest triumph. There is no way you’ll make the right decision all the time. Whether your choices end up fatal or famous, neither situation lasts for long. Make the best choice you can with the information you have and be confident in your decision. 

Lie: Decisions shouldn’t be made if someone might suffe

Truth: Some decisions may require some suffering - even your own. Depending on the situation, a decision may include some suffering. If you’ve done your homework and you believe with certainty it’s the best decision at the time, it’s likely the right one - even if there is some pain. 

Lie: Family decisions require consensus 

Truth: Someone must take the lead and the responsibility. Families do well when they meet to weigh the aspects of a decision. This doesn’t mean there must be consensus. Children may not fully understand the reasons why a decision must be made. They may resist change or fear the unknown. At some point, a decision must be made with or without full unanimity. 

Lie: Waiting things out can avoid making a painful decision 

Truth: Avoidance is a decision by default. It is not healthy to avoid a decision because of fear. Waiting things out comes with its own consequences. Sometimes the longer you wait, the fewer choices you have in the end. It is always best to face things head on and make the best decision possible, even when it’s hard. 

Not making a decision can create collateral damage that is worse than the fall-out the decision may have had. Being mature and facing situations head on is the best practice for decision-making. Don’t fear that your decision might be fatal. Nothing good, nor bad, is permanent. Make the best decision you can with confidence and manage the outcomes as they happen.

I’ve heard a number of women describe their circumstances as feeling like they are at a “dead-end” and they feel uncomfortable and fearful about making decisions because they don’t feel like they have choices. But, they do. Most circumstances are not “dead-ends” but can actually be described as “crossroads.”

When you understand that their are decisions and consequences to those decisions, you are able to pivot from thinking about being at a “dead-end” and come from a position of being at a “crossroads” to make a decision that moves you forward on your path.

Make sure to move forward from indecision and get on your way.

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