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10 Tips to Boost Your Confidence and Make Your Inner Beauty Shine

Aug 13, 2019

 10 Tips to Boost Your Confidence and Make Your Inner Beauty Shine

 Confidence is sexy. Yes, clothes, being polished and put together is also sexy, but it is the inner confidence and beauty that makes you shine. Your confidence is contagious and puts people at ease. It shows them who you are and leaves them feeling inspired in your presence. So, what can you do if you don’t have the confidence you want? 

Boost it.

 Boosting your confidence will make your inner beauty shine. Boosting your confidence will change the game when you don’t feel like your intentions match the impact you have on others. Boosting your confidence is the what it takes to make a great impact; let’s take a look at how to make that happen.

 Ten Confidence Boosters Anyone Can Do:

 Practice in the mirror- This is going to feel very weird at first. A surefire way of boosting your confidence is looking at yourself in the mirror and complimenting and speaking to yourself. Look yourself in the eye and lavish yourself in praise. Point out how amazing you look and how wonderful your world is. This activity will enhance your confidence and communication skills. I learned this from Louise Hay, and it works like magic so stick with it even though you may feel uncomfortable at first.

 Find confident friends- Mary Kay Ash once adviced, "You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with." Find confident friends who are doing great things and expect no less from you. Ditch the Debbie Downers and the Nancy Know-it-Alls for people who love themselves and others with ease.

 Change your social media habits- I can tell a lot about people by two things - what they buy at the grocery store and what is on their social media. If you want to clean up and boost your confidence, hide or delete anyone who is not positive and loving on their social media. We find what we are looking for, and you can easily find people who post uplifting and energy-producing content. This will boost yours immensely.

 Be of service to others- Being of service is always a confidence booster. Not to be confused with casting aside your preferences and losing yours. Being of service allows you to use your gifts and help someone who needs your assistance. This boosts confidence by reminding you that we all need community and we all depend on others from time to time.

 Teach someone something- Want to know how amazing you are? Teach. Teaching someone something that can enhance or change their life is an amazing way to boost your confidence. It also adds value and enriches lives; you just never know how far your fingerprint reaches.

 Compete- Challenge yourself to compete with others. Train and work hard towards a goal. Sacrifice, dig deep, and earn your win. Your confidence will swell as you do the work to compete and complete a challenge. Walking the Camino de Santiago has boosted my personal confidence in a beautiful way...so many lessons, and it has been a great reminder and confidence booster for me.

 Ask an opinion- Need to see yourself the way others do? Ask someone - or a couple of someones - what their opinions are of you. People love to share their thoughts about your impact. Allow others to pour into you and fill you up and return the favor for them. Sometimes, others see you differently from how you see yourself. This feedback can help set you in a new direction.

 Make a change- If you know you need to make a change - do it. The struggle is part of the strategy. Making important changes and losing bad behaviors or creating a new positive habit builds confidence as you overcome the adversity. Get an accountability partner or join a group. Some of the most significant changes I've made in my life have been inspired by the work I've done with my coaches and mentors; this is why accountability is a part of my membership program, A Pilgrimage to Self...it's an advantage when one is trying to make changes.

 Be consistent- Being competent and consistent in everyday things builds confidence. Being dependable and trustworthy creates confidence from within and earns respect from others. The philosophy of A House With Four Rooms is to do something daily for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This consistency allows you to build routines and habits that move you forward to make progress on your Intentional Life

 Look people in the eye- Overcoming shyness is mastered by looking people in the eye. The eyes are the window to the soul. Being able to see and be seen as you communicate forces you to be confident under any circumstance. It opens you open to grace, dignity, compassion, and integrity...take time to listen not only with your ears but with your eyes,

 No matter how you practice boosting your confidence, the results will happen if you apply any of these techniques. Practice and modify or replace any of these with new ideas as you come to them. There are books and all sorts of references available to help you boost your confidence. Get ready for your inner beauty to spill out onto everyone you meet.

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